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Import China Caskets and Pay $1000's less Than US Casket Manufacturers Charge

China Caskets equal or surpass in quality those from casket manufacturers in the USA. The difference is in the price. Our typical 18 gauge casket, including all additional fees such as shipping, are over $1000 cheaper than the major US casket manufacturers and wholesalers.

From China
To You

However, you are correct not to try and import caskets from China on your own. Too much can go wrong. And once your caskets arrive in the states, that's it. The pain, stress and aggravation of trying to remedy a problem with your order with the factory in China is enough to make you want to never do it again.

One Source China LLC is your office in China. We handle your orders, from beginning to end, to make your experience as easy as ordering a book from your favorite online bookstore.

One Source China:

  • Handles your purchase order with the casket factory in China
  • Communicates any custom requests you have with the factory
  • Inspects your caskets for you at the factory to ensure the quality meets the highest standards
  • Ensures any errors are fixed before your caskets ship
  • Handles all logistics - your caskets are shipped from the factory in China directly to your warehouse loading dock in the USA
  • Arranges a customs for you
  • Facilitates the resolution to any problem you may encounter with your caskets after they arrive in the US.

Get ahead of your competition by sourcing China caskets

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How to Import China Caskets
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China Casket Contact Information
China Casket Contact Information

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